Temporary Exhibits – Special / Random

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Above Image  Giant Head Planters [S. Michigan Avenue] , for more, click here..


As I was making a list of Temporary Exhibits, I realized it’s not all that easy to list them. Some of the exhibits do not fall into neat category as exhibits at Pioneer Court or at Boeing Galleries [Millennium Park]. Some of the exhibits are not recurring, but more random in nature.. Like this year [2013] we have the Great Chicago Fire Hydrant exhibits all over the city.

So here are some of the Random Temporary Exhibits..
For a list of Temporary exhibits, click here..









Temporary Exhibits: Random / Special

PHOTO GALLERY.. click here..

2013: Sperm Whale sculpture – by Preston Jackson.. click here..

2013: Great Chicago Fire Hydrants – by Various Artists.. click here..

2013: Borders – by Steinunn Thorarinsdottir.. click here..

2013: Giant Head Planters – by Plant Green Ideas.. click here..

2013: Ten Thousand Ripples – by Indira Johnson.. click here..

For more such random exhibition.. click here..



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