Summer 2014: Chicago Tree Project – by Mia Capodilupo

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Above Image: Chicago Tree Project “Bursts” – by Mia Capodilupo,
at Humboldt Park Boat House..

Summer 2014: Chicago Sculpture International [CSI] in collaboration with the Chicago Park District [CPD], is presenting the “Chicago Tree Project”. It is a citywide plan to transform sick and dying trees into vibrant public art. Using art as a vessel for public engagement, sculptors will transform a variety of trees into fun and whimsical experiences for the greater Chicago community. The collaborative project between CSI artists and CPD and is part of the greater initiative to expand the reach of public art in Chicago.




Chicago Tree Project - by Mia Capodilupo

Chicago Tree Project – by Mia Capodilupo


Chicago Tree Project - by Mia Capodilupo

Chicago Tree Project – by Mia Capodilupo


Today I chanced to meet Mia Capodilupo, working in Humboldt Park, near the Boat House. She is making a mixed media project, using garden hose, rope, fire hose and fabric to wrap a dead Honey Locust Tree. Its in different shades of yellow and orange. Not named yet, but in our conversation, she said, she might name it as Bursts.

On a beautiful day like today, the art work looked awesome! I can image it looking stunning on a foggy day or on a white Chicago snow day!


Artists that will complete trees include Chicago sculptors Mia Capodilupo, Ron Gard, Kara James, Karl and Indira Johnson, Margot McMahon, Nicolette Ross, Marc Schneider, Vivian Visser, Taylor Wallace and Cheryl Williams. Spanning many areas of the city, the trees will be located in the South Side’s Bessemer Park, Jackson Park, Marquette Park and Washington Park; the North Side’s Olympia Park and central and west locations including McGuane Park, Amour Square Park and Humboldt Park.

Keep tuned for more coverage of the Chicago Tree Project!



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