Public Art & Public Interaction: Legends, Myths & Truths – by Jun Kaneko

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Public Art & Public Interaction

Today, I begin a new series, Public Art and Public Interaction..

I dont need to explain anymore, what this would entail.

Legends, Myths & Truths – by Jun Kaneko


Dango - by Jun Kaneko

Dango – by Jun Kaneko



North Boeing Gallery: Tanukis – by Jun Kaneko





South Boeing Gallery: Dangos – by Jun Kaneko





ABOUT the Exhibition: legends, Myths and Truths – by Jun Kaneko



Legends, Myths and Truth – by Jun Kaneko
Location: Boeing Galleries, Millennium Park
Temporary Exhibit: Friday,  April 12 – Sunday, November 3, 2013

From the City of Chicago website..
As a pioneer in the field of monumental ceramic sculpture, Jun Kaneko has played with scale and proportion and this installation is representative of his past and present artistic practices. Works presented in the South Boeing Galleries feature Kaneko’s signature Dangos (meaning “rounded form” or “dumpling” in Japanese). These ceramic steles, covered in a variety of vibrant shapes and patterns, allow viewers to examine their environment and focus on a sense of scale and place.

The North Boeing Gallery features a new body of work by Kaneko, drawing upon the myths and legends of the Tanuki figure. From ancient times, the Japanese have expressed the Tanuki in a variety of ways, for it is considered to be a trickster who causes trouble and mayhem in both the human and supernatural worlds.


Artist: Jun Kaneko

Artist: Jun Kaneko


Curator: Lucas Cowan

Curator: Lucas Cowan






Opening Reception: Exhibition “Legends, Myths and Truths” – by Jun Kaneko click here

Public here..

Installation of Jun Kaneko’s ceramic sculptures click here

Complete set of Tanukis [North Boeing Gallery].. click here..

Complete set of Dangos [South Boeing Gallery].. click here..

Exhibition “Legends, Myths and Truths” – by Jun Kaneko click here



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