Pier Walk at Navy Pier [1995 – 2000]

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Two artists – Michael Dunbar and Terrence Karpowicz – had the vision to organize
Idea was to present the diversity and vitality of contemporary sculptors.

“just as Chicago has demonstrated a commitment to public sculpture unparalleled by any other American city, so has the sculpture community demonstrated its commitment to keep the city at the forefront of public art by assisting in the creation of a new and innovative exhibits of large scale outdoor sculpture’ – Michael A Dunbar [Pier Walk’ 96].

Pier Walk’95 – 3 artists
Pier Walk’96 – 42 artists, across the country.
Pier Walk’97 – 110 artists, from 9 countries / evolved into the world’s largest temporary outdoor sculpture exhibition.
Pier Walk’98 – 171 artists, from 12 countries
Pier Walk’99 –
Pier Walk’00 –

Started with the formation of 3D-Chicago, a not-for-profit organization committed to promotion and presentation of contemporary sculptors.

1998 – Mark di Suvero premiered his monumental sculpture “Mother Teresa”. May 1998 was declared “Month of Sculpture and Tourism” in Illinois.

1999 – Anthony Caro,  one of Britain’s finest sculptors premiered his monumental sculpture “Goodwoood Steps”

2000: Eduardo Chillida premierd “Escuchando a la Piedra V”

Main sponsors were: Sears Roebuck and Co., American Airlines, Capital Development

These can be seen in various places:
1998: William Carlson “Delicato Balencia” [1998], David Mooney “Spiral Galaxy” [1998], Christine Rojek “Ecce Hora, An Adjustable Sundial” [1998], Thomas Scarff “Freedom”,  Larry Young “Tango” [1997]

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