Photo Gallery: My Vacations and Day Trips

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Above Image: Flight back from Austin [Texas] to Chicago [Illinois], in March 2014.


My Vacations and Day Trips

I would love to see the world! But vacations are far and in between. In the few vacations that I have had, I have enjoyed each one of them.  Although the vacations have never been about rest and recuperation. They re rather physically exhausting!  There is forever an attempt to see as much as possible in the little time at hand, leaving me mentally invigorated, but physically drained!

Documenting vacation photographs is a BIG challenge!!!  To begin with, the quality of  photographs are never to the heart’s content. One is always at the mercy of weather gods. If its drizzling, raining, or pouring, the only solution is to do the best possible in the given circumstances. There is no chance of another visit! There is no time to wait for the place to be less crowded, no time to walk for a close-up, or no time for a retake in case of a blurry image. Very often there’s a huge van standing right in front of a beautiful building, and it just would not move, trashing all hopes of a perfect picture! At the end of the day, its time to plan and prepare for the next day, so no time to organize images from the day! When the trip is over, its time to catch up with what was missed and to readjust to the normal routine. In all this, documenting vacation photos gets relegated to a low-priority task! After some time, they are kind of forgotten! So, as much as the vacations are fun and invigorating, and there are lots of photos taken, but organizing vacation images and documenting them is a real challenge!

But then in all this hyper-activity, there is a chance to experience new places, meet new people, observe different cultures and get a new perspective on things. And often I have felt that vacation makes me refocus on life and on what is important in life. Although documenting vacation photos are indeed a challenge, however,  I have made attempts to put them together in an organized was ..  And here they are..

Especially close to my heart are the UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites.. click here..


















Illinois [Chicago, Springfield, Urbana-Champaign, Rockford, Oregon, Peoria, Plano], Indiana [Indianapolis], Wisconsin [Milwaukee], Michigan [Detroit], New York [New York City, Niagara Falls], New Jersey [Princeton], Washington D.C., Pennsylvania [Philadelphia], Texas [Austin], California [Sacramento, San Francisco, Hollywood and Los Angeles], Nevada [Carson City, Las Vegas], Arizona [Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam].

ILLINOIS: Springfield, Urbana-Champaign, Oregon, Rockford, Peoria, Plano [Farnsworth House], and of course Chicago!..

UK Trips: 2014, 2003, 2000, and 1999.
England [London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, Wolverhampton, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Shropshire (World’s First Cast Iron Bridge), Stroke-on-Trent (Gladstone Pottery Museum)];
Scotland [Edinburgh, Glasgow, Glencoe, Saint Andrews, Inverness, Kirkcaldy, Inchcolm Island, Firth of Forth];
Wales [Lake Vyrnwy Nature Reserve and Estate]..

Trivia: UK, Great Britain, Britain and England are not the same.
UK stands for “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. It consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Great Britain includes: England, Scotland and Wales. Britain includes England and Wales.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites.. click here..
USA: Grand Canyon National Park [Arizona], Independence Hall [Philadelphia], Statue Of Liberty [NYC].
UK: Tower of London, Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey including St. Margaret Church, Liverpool-Maritime Mercantile City, Iron bridge George, Old and New town of Edinburgh.
India: Mahabodhi Temple Complex [Bodh Gaya], Konark Sun Temple, Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves, Elephanta Caves, Qutb Minar & Monuments, Red Ford complex.



DAYTRIPS: Rockford, Oregon, Peoria, Urbana, Springfield, Schaumburg.

2016: USA/ Indiana [Indianapolis].

2016: India / Bihar [Patna, Sasaram, Madhubani], and Delhi.

2015: USA/ New Jersey [Princeton]

2015: USA/ California [Sacramento, San Francisco] and Navada [Carson City]

2014: USA/ Texas [Austin].

2014: UK [London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and some other points of interest].

2013: India/ Mumbai and Bihar [Patna, Rajgir, Pawapuri, Nalanda, Bodh Gaya].

2012: USA/ Los Angeles [California], Grand Canyon [Arizona], Las Vegas [Nevada] & Hoover Dam [Nevada & Arizona].

2011: USA / New York City, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania [Philadelphia].

2007: USA/ Springfield [Illinois]

2005: USA/ Niagara Falls [New York].

2004: India/ Mumbai and Patna.

2003: UK/

2002: USA/ Michigan [Detroit].

2001: Came to USA from India.

2000: UK

1999: UK/ Kilkardy [Trip to Scotland and more].

1998: Trip to Orissa

1996: Trip to Ajanta-Ellora caves [Aurangabad, Maharashtra]



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