City of Chicago Percent for Art program

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Percent for Art program / Riverview – by Jerry Peart

Percent for Art program works at the Federal, State and the municipal level

GSA Art in Architecture program

State of Illinois CDB Art in Architecture program

City of Chicago Percent for Art program





Jetty (1980) – by Barry Tinsley… click here..

Riverview (1980) – by Jerry Peart… click here..

Rescue (1980) – by Jill Parker.. click here..

Untitled – by Amir Nour .. click here..

Pyrix (1981) – by Bruce White .. click here..

Spiral Rain Form (1981) – by David Morris… click here..

Crossing (1998) – by Hubertus von der Goltz… click here..

Stepped Arch (1982) – by Linda Howard .. click here..

Flight Forms (2001) – by Richard Hunt.. click here..

Meridian VII (2002) – by Ed McCullough.. click here..

Stained Glass (2004) – by Mike Hill .. click here..


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