2014: Chicago tree Project, click here..



My Big Thank You to everyone who has commissioned me for documentation purposes.

There is nothing better than enjoying the work and getting paid for it!


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Below is a List of my commissions:
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Vector: The Art of Fabricating [Ongoing Project]..   click here..

 Richard Harris Art Collection.. click here..




2014 : Chicago Tree Project
Documentation of Chicago Tree Project – Collaboration of CPD and CSI.. click here..

2014 :  Millennium Park, Boeing Galleries
Opening Reception of Exhibition: 1004 Portraits – by Jaume Plensa.. click here..

2014 : Elks National Memorial
Opening Reception and Documentation: Invoking the Absence – by various CSI Sculptors.. click here..

2013 : Cliff Dwellers
Documentation of Exhibition “Six to the Third” – by Various CSI Sculptors.. click here..

2013 : Hubbard Place
Installation of “Lotus” – by Terrence Karpowicz.. click here..

2013:  Website for Vector Fabricating
Vector: The Art of Fabricating.. click here..

2013: Millennium Park – Boeing Galleries
Documentation of Exhibition: “Legends, Myths & Truths – by Jun Kaneko”.. click here..

2013: Millennium Park – Boeing Galleries
Opening Reception: “Legends, Myths & Truths – by Jun Kaneko”.. click here

2012:  Chicago Lakefront
Catalog: “Sculpture Now: Artwork Along The Lake” – for CSI..  click here..

2012:  Lincoln Park Conservatory
Catalog: “Form in Flora III” – for CSI .. click here..

2012: Chicago Cultural Center
Opening Reception: “Denise Milan: Mist of The Earth”..  click here..

2012: Chicago Cultural Center
Documentation: “Denise Milan: Mist of The Earth”.. click here..

2012: Chicago Cultural Center
Opening Reception: “Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection” ..  click here..

2012: AMA Bldg. lobby
Photo documentation : “Art Exhibition – by Jean Jacques Porret” ..  click here..

2011: Cliff Dwellers
Photo documentation: “A Small Sample – by Derick Malkemus”..  click here..

2011: Paintings by Jennifer Webster.. click here..

2011: Chicago Cultural Center
Photo documentation: “Urban Totems – by Eric H. Steele”.. click here..

2011: O’Hare Airport
Photo documentation of Installation: “The Runners”  – by Theodoros Papagiannis.. click here

2011: Art Chicago, Merchandise Mart
Catalog: “Avenue of Sculpture” – Various  CSI Artists.. click here..

2010: My First Professional Assignment
Cover page of Childrens Magazine: ASK /Feb 2010 issue here..



click here..

2014 Catalogue: Invoking the Absence.. click here..

2012 Catalogue:  Sculpture Now: Artwork Along the Lake.. click here..

2012 Catalogue: Form in Flora – III.. click here..

2011 Catalogue: Avenue of Sculpture.. click here..

2013 Magazine: Destination / Haitian Magazine.. click here..

2010 Magazine:  Ask / Cover Page.. click here..

Many images have been used in online articles.




Many artists and even some magazines and museums have purchased photos.. including..  Telegraph [UK],  Wellcome Museum [London, UK],   Stiftung Jüdisches Museum / Jewish Museum [Berlin, Germany],  Art Institute of Chicago [Chicago, Illinois]

Many artists have purchased my photos. I will not put their names here, respecting confidentiality.