Illinois CDB Art in Architecture program

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Illinois Capitol Development Board (CDB) Art in Architecture program

The Illinois General Assembly created the Art-in-Architecture program as part of the Capital Development Board in 1977. The program’s purpose is the “promotion and preservation of the arts by securing suitable works of art for the adornment of public buildings constructed or subjected to major renovation by the State or which utilize State funds, and thereby reflecting our cultural heritage, with emphasis on the works of Illinois artists.” The works of art that have been created through the program create a permanent art collection for the people of the state of Illinois.

Each Art-in-Architecture project is tied to a specific construction or renovation project funded by the state of Illinois. The Capital Development Board reserves one-half of one percent of the construction cost of state building and renovation projects to purchase public art. Artists are selected and commissions are awarded based upon the recommendations of a committee made up of community members, art professionals, the project architect, and representatives of the using agency where the artwork will be located. In addition to the acquisition of single, significant artworks, the AIA program commissions site-specific works that are integrated into the structure of the building through the collaboration of artist and architect.

Since its inception, the Art-in-Architecture program has purchased or commissioned nearly 1000 works of art by Illinois artists. This collection represents the best of Illinois art in many media including ceramics, glasswork, printmaking, sculpture, fiber, drawing, photography, and painting.










Conveyor (2020) – by Barbara Cooper… click here….

Building and Growing (2012) – by Richard Hunt… click here..

Paul (2006) – by Tony Tasset… click here..

Working on Failed Utopia (2005) – by Christine Tarkowski.. click here..

Frame (2005) – by Richard Rezac .. click here..

Serenity (2005) – by Ruth Duckworth .. click here..

Temporal (2003) – by Mike Baur… click here…

Symbiotic Parralax (1997) – by Terrence Karpowicz… click here..

Allele (1997) – by William Carlson… click here..

Freeform (1993) – by Richard Hunt .. click here..

Illinois River Landscape (1985) – by Richard Hunt.. click here..

Bridgeport (1984) – by John Henry.. click here..

Monument with Standing Beast (1984) – by Jean Dubuffet .. click here..

Silver Oak (1983) – by Barry Tinsley…click here….


Amplifiers (2014) – by Nicole Beck.. click here….

Dis-Connections (2014) – John Adduci.. click here…

Meridian IX (2011) – by Ed McCullough.. click here…

Illinois Split (1996) – by Barry Tinsley.. click here…

Upwells (1991) – by Stephen Luecking… click here…

Aurora I (1980) – by Bruce White.. click here…

Argonaut III (1979) – by Ed McCullough.. click here…

Temporal (2003) – by Mike Baur


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