Glencoe: Sculptures at Chicago Botanic Garden [Photo Gallery]

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Sculptures at Chicago Botanic Garden

Spread over 385 acres of land on and around nine islands, Chicago Botanic Garden is any nature lovers paradise!

It also has a good collection of sculptures…



Sculptures at Chicago Botanic Garden
Here is the official website.. click here..






Chicago Botanic Garden.. click here

Carolus Linnaeus – by Robert Berks.. click here..
The Sower – by Albin Polasek.. click here..
Canada Geese – by William Turner and David Turner.. click here..
Composition in Stainless Steel #1 – by Gidon Graetz, Israeli
Boy Gardener – by Margot McMahon
Guardian – by Simon Verity
Blue Heron – by Gregory Glasson
Sundial – by Joseph Burlini
Merchild – by Sylvia Shaw Judson
Caricia – by Olivier Sequin
Otter Girl Gerry Lewis-Amendola
Pumpkin – by Tony Tasset
Goose – by William Turner
Bulb Form – by Jerry Kaplan



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