Chicago: Temporary Exhibits at Pioneer Court and the Zeller Realty Group

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Above Image:  Forever Marilyn – by Seward Johnson [Pioneer Court: 2011-2012]


The Pioneer Court Chicago, has been the venue of some of the most  discussed and photographed public art exhibits in Chicago! Important to note is that the so called public space, the Pioneer Court, is actually private property. It is owned by Equitable Life Insurance Company & The Chicago Tribune Company. The Art exhibits here are brought to us by Zeller Realty Group..  click here..

If its all about location, location, location; then what better place to exhibit art, than the Pioneer Court. It is gateway to the Magnificent Mile. It serves as an important tourist center being in the area to hop-on the various tour buses, trollies and river cruises. Not to forget the beautiful signature Chicago buildings that form it’s backdrop, with Tribune Tower, Wrigley Bldg., Michigan Ave. bridge and the London Guarantee bldg. all offering the picture perfect Chicago cityscape. To top it all, the place is historically significant being the site of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable House, who is known as the Founder of Chicago.



The exhibits at Pioneer Court have often been subjects of animated discussion. The latest exhibit “Watch” by Hebru Brantley has won huge public acclaim. But the earlier “Forever Marilyn” by Seward Johnson was not so well received by the public.. Here I just leave you with the images to judge for yourself, what you like or dislike!



Temporary Exhibits at Pioneer Court – Presented by Zeller Realty Group





PIONEER COURT : Temporary Exhibits – by Zeller Realty Group

2013: The Watch – by Hebru Brantley… click here..
2011-2012: Forever Marilyn – by Seward Johnson.. click here..
2009-2010: God Bless America – by Seward Johnson.. click here..
2008: King Lear – by J. Seward Johnson.. click here..
2009: The legendary Angel Wings of Victoria’s Secret.. click here..
2003-2010: Moose – by John Kearney.. click here..
2003-2005: Six Indeterminate Lines – by Bernar Venet
2002: Ice Blue – by John Henry
2002: Chief – by John Henry



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