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 Chicago’s Chinatown

Chicago’s Chinatown: Chinese are the largest Asian group in the United States,  and Chicago has the 4th largest Chinatown in the United States. If I’m not mistaken the largest Chinatown is in San Francisco, followed by New York, Boston and then Chicago.
Places of interest in Chicago’s Chinatown…





PHOTO GALLERY: Chicago’s Chinatown






Chicago’s Chinatown: Chinatown Square click here..

Location: North of the main Wentworth Ave District [the main Chinatown Street]

The Chinatown Square a 2-stories outdoor mall on 45 acres of reclaim land from a former railroad yard. The mall opened in 1993. It was designed by Harry Weese and Associates. There is a small courtyard in the center of the mall, which creates the ambiance of a traditional village center.





Chicago’s Chinatown: Ping Tom Memorial Park





Chicago’s Chinatown.. click here..
Chinatown Gateway.. click here..
Nine Dragon Wall.. click here..
Pui Tak Building [former On Leong Building].. click here..
Chinese Christian Union Church.. click here..
St. Therese Church.. click here..
Chinatown Square.. click here..
Mural “Chinese in America”.. click here..
Chinatown Square Zodiacs.. click here..
Ping Tom Memorial Park.. click here..
South Canal Street Railroad Bridge.. click here..





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