Sculptor: Terrence Karpowicz

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Terrence Karpowicz


I met terry Karpowicz for the first time in March, 2010,  and  was one of the first few sculptors I have met in Chicago.  He started inviting me to art shows and installations,  and this bought me in touch with many more artists, especially sculptors.  This was also instrumental in my series, Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago.  He is one of my best friends in the Chicago art community!

Terrence Karpowicz has won a number of commissions, both public and private.   He practices the theories Minimalism and Conceptualization of specializes  in the technique of “Joinery”;  where he works with different materials, like stone, wood and  metal to make sculptures.

For Karpowicz Website : Karpowicz Studio




PHOTO GALLERY: Sculptures by Terry Karpowicz






Symbiotic Parralax  [University of Illinois, Chicago]  click here..

Concurrence [Paul V. Galvin Library at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago] click here..



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  1. Helge Baum says:

    Dear Terry, I shaw your work. Remember the times in Chicago!
    I had a motorbikeaccident 2/15 with 5 weeks coma!
    Perhaps you write a answer. Best regards your <helge

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