Chicago Near North: River North and Streeterville

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Near North Side

River North / Streeterville / Magnificent Mile

Magnificent Mile: is a stretch of North Michigan Avenue between the Chicago River and Oak Street in Streeterville. Although actually about three-quarters of a mile, it’s called the Magnificent Mile.

Streeterville:  The easternmost neighborhood to the north of the Chicago River. It is bound by the Chicago River on the south, Michigan Avenue on the west, and Lake Michigan on the north and east. Roughly, east of Streeterville

River North :  Bound by Michigan Avenue to the east, Chicago Avenue to the north, and the Chicago River to the south and west. Roughly, west of Streeterville.



Pioneer Court

A project developed cooperatively by the Chicago Tribune and by the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States in commemoration of the pioneers whose names, selected by the Chicago Historical Society for the contributions of Chicago’s growth and greatness, are set in bronze in the base of the fountain..
Dedicated June 23, 1965



Although I have listed Temporary exhibits separately,  but Pioneer Court has featured some of the most famous and controversial sculptures in Chicago. So I am documenting them here.. Also worth noting is that many of the exhibits in Pioneer Court are private and not public art.




Roughly East of the Magnificient Mile




Roughly West of Magnificient Mile




Salvaged portrait busts from the demolished Garrick Theater – attributed to Richard Bock

Garrick Theater, or originally the Schiller Theatre was designed by Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler of the Adler & Sullivan firm. At the time of construction it was one of the tallest buildings in Chicago, with a magnificient 1,300 seat theater. In 1903, it was named Garrick Theater. In 1960, the Schiller/Garrick Theater was razed to ground and replaced by parking garage. The demolition instigated large outcry and is said to be the first wide spread preservation efforts in Chicago! Some parts of the sculptural ornamentation, mainly the salvaged portrait busts, can be seen on some buildings in the city. These portrait busts are attributed to Richard Bock.

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Bust of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable – by Erik Blome.. click here..
Jack Brickhouse Memorial – by Jerry McKenna.. click here..
Pioneer Court [King Lear – by J. Seward Johnson].. click here..
Pioneer Court [God Bless America – by J. Seward Johnson].. click here..
Pioneer Court [Forever Marilyn – by J. Seward Johnson].. click here..
Pioneer Court [Moose – by John Kearney].. click here..
Pioneer Court [Legendary Angel Wings of Victoria’s Secret].. click here..
Pioneer Court [by Berner Venet]


Tribune Tower: Hall of Inscriptions and Aesop’s Stone Screen.. click here..
Tribune Tower: Stones & Artifacts.. click here..
Tribune Tower: Grotesques & Gargoyles.. click here..
Nathan Hale – by Bela Lyon Pratt.. click here..
Sorcerer – by Bryan Monaghan
Ben – by Deborah Butterfield.. click here..
Family – by Joseph J. O’Connell.. click here..
Two to Tango – by Richard Keibdaj.. click here..


Plaza of the Americas.. click here..
Benito Juarez – by Julian Martinez.. click here..
Where Dream Begins – by Andrew J. Lidgus.. click here..
Fourth Presbyterian Church.. click here..
Fountain at Fourth Presbyterian Church.. click here..
The Great Teacher – by Abbott Pattison.. click here..
One Earth – by Joe Compean
The Gold Coast – by Bernard Rosenthal.. click here..
Victory – by Daniel Chester French.. click here..
Allow Me – by J. Seward Johnson.. click here..
Umanita – by Virginio Ferrari
Washington Square Park – Bughouse Square.. click here..
Washington Square Park & Fountain.. click here..
Fragments from Garrick Theatre.. click here..




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