Chicago Imagist: Ed Paschke

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Margie [1974] – by Ed Paschke at The AIC- Modern Wing


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Ed Paschke [1939-2004]

 Ed Paschke is celebrated as one of the leading Chicago Imagists, a loosely associated group of artists who emerged in the late 1960s with an expressive style of figurative painting rooted in surrealism, outsider art and popular culture. Paschke often culled his subjects from newspapers, tabloid magazines, and television, producing works that added heat and funk to the Pop Art cool aesthetics. His paintings play heavily upon expressionists distortion, particularly in the artist’s use of psychedelic, inharmonious colors.



Art Institute of Chicago: Modern Wing

[Images taken in December, 2011]




Museum of Contemporary Art

[Images taken in June, 2012]




Russell Bowman Art Advisory Gallery  [click here..]




Harlen J. Berk Ltd Gallery [Art Chicago / 2010]




AIC: Modern Wing.. click here..
Art Chicago 2010: Russell Bowman Art Advisory..





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