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Above Image: Curator Rolf Achilles at Macy's pedway [American Victorian Stained Glass Window installations]


The recently installed 22 American Victorian Stained Glass Windows at Macy's pedway, literally brings high class art at people's footsteps. It's uplifting to see such aesthetically pleasing beauty at a public space,  and it most certainly confirms my website tagline: Chicago, where...

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Tiffany Galleries at the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, at Navy Pier, Chicago.

 A hidden jewel of Chicago: the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows.  Located at Navy Pier, Smith Museum is the first [and perhaps the only] museum dedicated to stained glass windows.  In a 800-foot long stretch we can see about 150 stained glass windows at display. The themes are secular and religious, Victorian,...

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