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Women Made Public Art in Chicago

From working as studio assistants to being formally trained, having their own studios, and producing their own masterpieces, women have come a long way..

In the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago, Lorado Taft employed a group of women ssistants, an occurrence that was virtually unheard of at that time. The story goes...
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Haymarket Memorial - by Mary Brogger

Installed: 2004.

Location: Desplaines St. between Lake and Randolph Sts..

Description: Bronze, H 15 ft. x W 9 ft. x L 16 ft.

This memorial marks the actual spot where the wagon used as the speaker's platform stood on the evening of May 4, 1886.

The site of Haymarket Tragedy was designated a...

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Sky Landing - by Yoko Ono

Unveiling and Dedication Ceremony: October 17, 2016.

Location: Garden of the Phoenix in Jackson Park, East 60th Street on Wooded Island, between Lake Shore Drive and Cornell Drive.

Sky Landing is funded by the nonprofit Project 120, which has been investing in upgrades for the park including planting cherry trees and a visitors...

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