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Trip to Eagle's Nest Art Colony: May 14, 2017.

EAGLE's NEST ART COLONY 1898 - 1942.

The Eagle's Nest Art Colony is now Lorado Taft Field Campus, a part of the Northern Illinois University [NIU].

The Eagle's Nest Art Colony Association was founded in 1898 by American sculptor Lorado Taft. It stood on the bluffs flanking the east bank of the Rock River, overlooking Oregon,...
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The Oregon Public Library was established in 1872.

The library resided in rental space until the early 1900’s, when Andrew Carnegie announced that he would donate $10,000 for a public library in Oregon.

The building architect: Chicago architects Pond and Pond.

Opened: 1908

National Register of Historic Places on May 9, 2003.

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Women Made Public Art in Chicago

From working as studio assistants to being formally trained, having their own studios, and producing their own masterpieces, women have come a long way..

In the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago, Lorado Taft employed a group of women ssistants, an occurrence that was virtually unheard of at that time. The story goes...
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