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Above Image: From left: Allyson Esposito [Director of Cultural Grant Program], Shoni Currier [Director of Performing Arts], Ivy Hall [Special Events Coordinator], Daniel Schulman [Program Director of Visual Arts], Tonya Gross - Head of Fashion, Design and Culinary Arts, and standing behind podium is moderator Kennon Reinard [Communication Director at Arts Alliance Illinois]. 


The DCASE team of the City of Chicago

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Macy's State Street, Chicago


I had wanted to see Christmas Decorations at Macy's for a long time..And this year I made it.

My two priorities were to see: The Great Tree Lighting [in Walnut Room] and Holiday Window Decorations.

This year marks the 46th Annual Holiday Window Decoration and 106th Annual Great Tree Lighting.

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at Macy's at State Street This year marks the 46th Annual Window Decoration. Marshall Fields started the Holiday Window Decorations, and Macy’s has continued with the tradition. The 2013 theme is “The Magic of Christmas”, emphasizing the iconic Marshall Field’s tradition of the past and Macy’s commitment to continue these traditions.

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March 16, 2013.. Although St Patrick's Day is on 17th March, the parade takes place on the Saturday before the actual day, so this year it was on the 16th March. Chicago has this tradition of dyeing the Chicago River in an incredible shade of Irish or emerald green. What's interesting is that the dye is of...

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