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Jyoti Srivastava  / Image courtesy Shalav Kumar


Photo-documentarian and Blogger of Public Art in Chicago

I am a photo-documentarian of sorts! Over the past few years, I have developed a unique specialization: documenting Public Art, especially in Chicago! This goes beyond just the photographs of finished sculptures; I like to meet with sculptors, visit their studios and observe them work.  I have photo-documented the labor-intensive process of fabrication and casting, the precision required installation and the joys of Opening Reception!  People’s interaction with Public Art is another of my favorite subject-matter.  I share these with anyone interested, through my blogs and website!

Over the years, I have been hired for some wonderful commissions, by organizations and individuals, for large and small scale projects, some taking a few months, and some only a few hours. I have worked for the Department of Tourism and Culture [City of Chicago], Chicago Sculpture Organization [a non-profit organization of sculptors in Chicago] and many individuals, to photograph and document installations and exhibitions. I have enjoyed each one of them and I Thank everyone who has hired me for various assignments!

All the images in this website and my various blogs have been taken by me, and are copyright © Jyoti Srivastava.
Please do not use any image , without written permission. Contact: jyoti@lensimpressions.net





How do you pronounce your name?
Jyoti Srivastava: Joe-tea  Sri-vas-ta-va.
The word Jyoti has origins in Sanskrit language and means “light”.
It is used more metaphorically than literally, like “Lead me from darkness to light” [“Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya”].
However, to clarify, J in Jyoti is NOT pronounced as J in Jalapeño. It is more like J in Joe.


Are you a professional photographer?
Yes and No! I take photographs. But I have no formal training in photography! In fact, technical aspects of photography do not interest me. I am more into the aesthetics of composition. And NO, I do not have a studio! Photography was, and still is, largely a hobby for me. However, over the past few years, I have got some fantastic commissions that I am very proud of! These involve both large & small scale projects, some taking months and some only a few hours. And I thank everyone who has hired me for photography or documentation purposes; cause there’s nothing better than loving your work and getting paid for it!!! Let me add here, I have a day job, which has nothing to do with photography.


Are you a student of art history?
NO! I have a Master’s Degree in Economics, from Patna University [India]. In fact soon after getting my Post Graduate degree, I started working as a Lecturer in Economics in N.M College [click here..] in Mumbia [India]. I worked there from 1994 to 2001, and left my job, only to come to the US in May, 2001. My interest in art or sculptures is a recent development. It started as I began exploring the City of Chicago, with a camera in hand. Maybe, maybe around 2005-06.


Why Public Art?
The most frequently asked question, for which I have no answer! I started blogging with photos of flowers and butterflies. No one asks me why I like flowers or butterflies. But why Public Art is a frequently asked question. All I know is that one day, I photographed a lot of sculptures in the Loop area, and started a blog, “Outdoor Sculptures in Chicago”. After some days, I changed the blog-name to “Public Art in Chicago”; which I thought was more suitable. However, I did not change the url of my blog, which still is chicago-outdoor-sculptures [ click here] . So that’s how my blog “Public Art in Chicago” began!!! Initially no one ever viewed my posts. But I enjoyed exploring the city and it’s huge collection of Public Art, and kept documenting whatever I saw through my photographs and a little information accompanying it. Slowly, over the years, it grew and evolved into a very comprehensive blog on Public Art in Chicago, with a very good daily viewership.


How long have I been blogging on Public Art?
Since September 2007.



So I am just a girl, with a camera in hand, exploring, documenting and enjoying Public Art in Chicago.
And if someone offers me a commission, I pour my heart and soul into it…
Cause, there’s nothing better than getting paid for the work you love doing!!!


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  1. Hi, Jyoti,
    You’ve created a very fine website with a superb catalog of images.
    Maybe a public lecture at the cultural center is in order?
    I’m looking forward to meanders through your website and images.
    Thanks for taking them and then allowing us all to see.
    Cheers, Rolf Achilles

  2. Hi Rolf!
    I appreciate your comment very much!
    Thank You!

  3. Hi Jyoti,

    I am working on a documentary for PBS and we came across your photo of the “End of Trail from the Art Institute of Chicago. We would love to use this image in our film if you would grant us permission.

    Please contact me at (718) 290-0100 or via email at joeyjovanovich@gmail.com.

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

    Joey Jovanovich
    Katahdin Productions
    Los Angeles, CA

  4. Eihway Su says:

    Thank you for this beautiful website! I am planning a trip to Chicago and will create a walk around the sights I found here.

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