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Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago

Chicago sculptors are the heart and soul of the book. Their views carries a lot of weight for me.

Here are feedback from some of the sculptors..

As sculptors, our collective voices create a tapestry of images that weave a fabric of form through the city. We are the storyteller of structure and material, and our work creates the pauses and punctuations which humanize and individualize the urban landscape.

Jyoti’s extraordinary documentation of so many artistic achievements is an important roadmap of our times, and as our present becomes past, her work will be the foundation of future generations looking back as they move forward.

– Neil Goodman

Emeritus Professor of Fine Arts

Indiana University Northwest

We celebrate Jyoti’s beautiful book recognizing Chicago sculptors. The artists range from very old to very young to many races and colors all working alone and together in Chicago – a city with affordable studios and places to exhibit. Jyoti’s book brings these sculptors to life by showing their sculptures, their studios and tem actually working. This book is beautifully illustrated, the explanations and description are plain English. This is a warm book made with love for all ages to look through and marvel at what is being produced and enjoyed in our city.

– Ruth Aizuss Migdal


Chicago sculpture has never had a voice that followed and written about all the excellent sculptors that live and work in and around Chicago and the State of Illinois. Jyoti’s book fills that void. Her investigation into our work is through and covers the wide gamut of concepts, styles and materials that we pursue. Thank you for the hours and energy you have put into making this book a reality

– Barry Tinsley


I congratulate Jyoti Srivastava for her commitment, passion and fortitude over these past ten years to document artists and their work. She thoroughly showcases the artists who have established Chicago as a center for sculpture as well as sculptors working today who’s vitality has continued that legacy. Her beautifully chronicled work has continued the tradition of community building that follows the exhibition of sculpture on Navy Pier and organization such as Chicago Sculpture International. Jyoti’s book has captured the spirit of the sculpture community working in Chicago today.

– Terry Karpowicz


As an artist I love the way Jyoti Srivastava has organized the book “Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago.” She offers us a new perspective as she introduces us to a wide-ranging group of Chicago sculptors to see how they have explored, honored and critically analyzed the world around them through their sculptures. Each artist’s work is beautifully illustrated with pieces that they selected themselves with a personal statement that best expresses their vision.Jyoti Srivastava’s Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago is an extraordinary compilation that documents in a compelling way the expertise, insight and creativity of Chicago sculpture today. Anyone thinking about sculpture and what it means to the soul, should read Jyoti’s book.

– Indira Freitas Johnson


I had the fortuitous opportunity to meet Jyoti in 2007 as she was photographing orchids at the Lincoln Park Conservatory. I have witnessed her continual evolution as a vital force for documenting Chicago sculptors, currently culminating with this stunning and essential book. But I am quite sure she is not yet finished and will continue to pursue new ideas along with the sculptors who are coevolving along with her as we forge ahead on this shared journey of creativity and exploration.

– Sharon Bladholm


Jyoti, Your book is just exquisite and reflects your immense passion and dedication to create something unique and valuable to the sculpture and public art community. I’m over the top about my pages. Honestly, I began at the introduction to the book and shuffled through the entire tome, as I am sure everyone will be compelled to do. Congratulations on your Herculean effort. I will cherish my volume. Best Wishes on your future books.

– Nicole Beck




Thank You all for the feedback. My heartfelt sincere request to other sculptors to please write me a feedback and if possible send me photos with the book.

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