2014 Vacation: UK – Birmingham [Hall of Memory in Centenary Square]

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Hall of Memory in Centenary Square

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Birmingham’s Hall of Memory was erected in the 1920s (before Baskerville House, in front of which it now stands) to commemorate the 12,320 Birmingham citizens who died in the “Great War”, which we now know as the First World War (a further 35,000 Birmingham men came home from that war with a disability).  Around the exterior are four allegorical bronze figures, by local artist Albert Toft, representing the Army, Navy, Air Force and Women’s Services.




Army - by Albert Toft

Army – by Albert Toft


Navy - by Albert Toft

Navy – by Albert Toft


Air Force - by Albert Toft

Air Force – by Albert Toft


Women's Services - by Albert Toft

Women’s Services – by Albert Toft


Hall of Memory - Birmingham

Hall of Memory – Birmingham




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