2013 Vacation: India / Maharashtra / Mumbai

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Gateway of India, Mumbai



2013 VACATION – INDIA: A very special trip: to celebrate one one, but two golden wedding anniversaries ! The year 2013 marked the 50th Wedding Anniversary of both – my parents, as well as my in-laws! It was more of a family trip, with lots of personal photos. But this website is not about personal issues, so I will stick with tourism. We we did take some small sightseeing tours including a trip to Mumbai, and some tourism sites in Bihar like Bodh Gaya, Nalanda, Rajgir and Pawapuri, and of course Patna!

MUMBAI: For me, Mumbai is so much more than the capital city of Maharashtra. I have lived and worked in Mumbai for 8 years, before I moved to the US. I have been to many places in Mumbai, but mostly in the pre-digital, pre-blogging era, so do not have many images to put here. In my recent trip in 2013, I did take some photos. Here are just a few I can share..







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