2013 Temporary Exhibit : Chicago Loop [Giant Head Planters – by Plant Green Ideas]

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Giant Head Planters – by Plant Green Ideas

Temporary Exhibit: 2013

Location: Chicago Cultural Mile and Navy Pier.

Presented by Plant Green Ideas RRR  in conjuction with the Chicago Cultural Mile .

There are 15  giant head planters, of which  14 are located at Chicago Cultural Mile and 1 at Navy Pier.




Sponsored by Ford

Sponsored by Ford [[104 S. Michigan Ave.]


The Plant Green Head Planters are made locally from sustainable materials.


Plant Green Ideas  is a not-for-profit organization that strives to change the way people think about environmental issues through art, interaction and education. For more, click here..

The Chicago Cultural Mile is the part of Michigan Avenue stretching from the Chicago River south to Roosevelt Road… For more, click here..


Plant Green Ideas [600 S. Michigan Ave.]

Sponsored by Plant Green Ideas [600 S. Michigan Ave.]


From the newsletter on Chicago Cultural Mile website.. click here..

The Plant Green Ideas sculptural heads are the brain-child of Plant Green Ideas, a not-for-profit group committed to sustainability in Chicago.  The sculptural heads, being constructed locally by SVI Themed Construction Solutions, feature a unique theme and message created with sustainable plantings and material.

The planters are built from recycled aluminum, steel and sustainable concrete materials.  Greenery and other plant materials are then added to complete the sculpture.  Standing approximately 12 feet tall and weighing over 2,000 pounds each, the sculptural heads are guaranteed to make their presence known. 

Each planter is being fabricated with LEED certification standards in mind.  If a planter were a building, it would quality for LEED credits in the categories of recycled content and rapidly renewable resources.  The installation as a whole will contribute to a reduction in urban heat-island effect and increased storm water retention – each a potential LEED credit.

Another noteworthy feature of the Plant Green Ideas installation will be its ability to promote awareness and interaction through texting, social media and photos via QR codes.  The QR codes, which will be featured on each of the heads, will take users to informational, sponsor-designated landing pages.



Photo Gallery

Giant Head Planters – by Plant Green Ideas

 Check out the official website, with locations, click here..





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