2012 Temporary Exhibition: “Oak Park Sculpture Walk” [Oak Park]

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 Oak Park Sculpture Walk

The program was developed by

the Village of Oak Park and the Oak Park Public Arts Advisory Commission.

For the online brochure,  click on the link, click here..

Although all the photographs are taken by me, but the information is taken
from the online brochure, including the italicized texts ..

Five – by Dusty Folwarczny




  1. Burst – by Dustry Folwarczny
  2. I Ams what I Ams – by Ron Gard
  3. Entwined Seedlings – by Don Lawler
  4. Dancing with Damocles – by Mike Helbing
  5. Two Witnesses – by Shawn Morin
  6. Finish – by Terrence Karpowicz
  7. Lacuna – by Sarah Deppe
  8. Hawk and Dove – by Margot McMohan
  9. Fleeting Consequence – by Jeff Wilcox
  10. Pod of Sun Seeds – by Don Lawler
  11. Five – by Dusty Folwarczny
  12. Once Around the Block – by Andrew Arvanetes



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