2012 Catalog: CSI Exhibition / Sculpture Now: Artwork Along the Lake

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In 2012, CSI [Chicago Sculpture International] commissioned me to document their exhibition:

“Sculpture Now: Artwork Along the Lake”.

There were 64 large scale outdoor sculptural installations, from Promontory Point in the South, to Belmont Harbor in the North.

 Here is my photos of the exhibition.. click here..

 These were later published in a catalog..



2012 Catalogue: Sculpture Now Exhibit

2012 Catalogue: Sculpture Now Exhibit


Jyoti Srivastava: CSI Photographer

Jyoti Srivastava took the photographs of the sculptures in this catalog. Her passion for documenting Chicago’s public art includes not only photographing individual work but also making studio visits and recording the process of fabrication and installation. She endeavors to bring forth behind the scene activities that go into the making of a sculpture, from the stage of draft sketches, to mold making, shell making, metal pour, welding and patina. her images have been published in books, magazines and newspapers in the US and abroad. Her photographs have captured the work of many artists in Chicago, and can be seen in her blog, “Public Art in Chicago”.

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