2011, Temporary Exhibition: Form in Flora II [Lincoln Park Conservatory]

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 Between a Rock and a Hard Place – by Terry Karpowicz

Form in Flora -II
As a part of Chicago Artist Month..
Location: Lincoln Park Conservatory

Curator: Vivian Visser

Works by: Suzanne Cohan-Lange, Nicole Beck, Elena  Rakochy,
Mike Helbing, Corinne D. Peterson, Jill King, Phillip Shore, Eric H Steele,
Barbara Cooper , Vivian Visser, James Worshan, Terrence Karpowicz..

Untitled - by Vivian Visser

Untitled – by Vivian Visser






  1.  Untitled – by Vivian Visser
  2. Angel Orchid- by Nicole Beck
  3. Between a Rock and a Hard Place – by Terry Karpowicz
  4. Fountain – by Mike Helbing
  5. Huella Azul – by Elena Rakochy
  6. Fire in the Belly  – by Corinne D. Peterson
  7. Unaccompanied Suite – by Corinne D. Peterson
  8. Paired Tools – by Barbara Cooper
  9. The Warning – by Suzanne Cohan-Lange
  10. Web of Life – by Jill King
  11. Precious Constructs – by James Worshan
  12. Offerings from the Garden of Time – by Philip Shore
  13. Stele I – by Eric H. Steele



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