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Amplifiers - by Nicole Beck

 Dedicated: October 10, 2014

 Location: Electrical and Computer Engineering building at the University of Illinois. 306 N Wright St Urbana, IL 61801, at the entrance from the quad side of the building.

 Description: 18' x 12' x 6'/ Stainless steel, dichroic glass, RGB LEDs, granite.

 Commission by Capital Development Board of Illinois Art-In-Architecture program.

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The year 2014 marks another high point in Chicago Public Art scene, as it adorns its public spaces with world class art. We have sculptures by world's leading contemporary artists - Ai Weiwei, Jaume Plensa, Chakaia Booker, Yinka Shonibare, Christopher Wool, Alice Aycock, Robert Lobe and Steinunn Thorarinsdottir - in outdoor settings, free and open for all to enjoy! It reaffirms Chicago's claim to be museum without walls! (more…)...
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Three sculptures "Twin Vortexes", "Spin the Spin" and "Waltzing Matilda" - by Alice Aycock

 Temporary art installations will be on display for one year.

 Art in Action, Chicago: A collaboration between Chicago park District [CPD] and City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events [DCASE].

This year Chicago Park District has brought eight sculptures to Chicago:  The sculpture Untitled [ 2013] by Christopher Wool is at Buckingham Plaza. Three sculptures - Twin Vortxes, Spin-the-Spin and Waltzing Matilda - by...

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Zodiac Heads - by Ai Weiwei

 Temporary Exhibit: Sep 17, 2014 - to April 15, 2015

 Location: Adler Planetarium, Museum campus, Chicago

2010 / Bronze

Specification: Each individual head weighs approximately 800 pounds (364 kilograms), and measures approximately 4 feet (123 centimeters) high and 3 feet (91 centimeters) wide. The head and base together are approximately 10 feet (365 centimeters) high.

Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads: Bronze - by Ai Weiwei arrived in...

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FLOW/ Im Fluss by Luftwerk

September 17-20, 2014

Location: 171 N. Dearborn in Couch Place Alley, Chicago.

A site-specific light installation celebrating the 20th anniversary of the sister cities Chicago and Hamburg. Presented by Luftwerk, a collaborative vision of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero. Musical performance by Birgit Ulher. The installation was made possible with the support of Goethe-Institute Chicago and Chicago Loop Alliance [CLA], in collaboration with the Natural Resources Defense Council [NRDC].

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Above Image: Sculptor Chakaia Booker, Deputy Commissioner DCASE Tracie D. Hall and me. Where DCASE is Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, City of Chicago. Photo by Jeff Stevenson, who works at the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park.


2014: Carts and Cocktails

 Saturday, Sep 14, 2014

 An annual benefit fundraiser at the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park at Governors State University.

 One of the most beautiful sculpture parks, is the campus of Governors...

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Monday, Sep 8, 2014: Visit to Luftwerk Studio

First the question, what is Luftwerk? Luftwerk is a collaborative vision of two artists - Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero. They use light and sound to sculpt site-specific environments. In their own words.. "Our work lives within the connection of light and surface, revealing an inherent texture. A video projector illuminates the surface and opens a dialogue between source and destination. Each project is a new discovery where we...

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Above Image: Pier Walk'97. Photography by David Wagenaar. Image Courtesy: Michael Dunbar / Co-producer of Pier Walk.

In this age of internet if an event is not searchable online - especially if one cannot Google it - it can be considered as good as:  It Never Even Happened!  I am writing this especially in the context of  large-scale sculptural exhibitions in Chicago that took place before the year 2000!!  There is a lot of online searchable information on high profile installations like Pablo Picasso's "Untitled" monumental sculpture in Daley Center Plaza, Marc Chagall's...

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Above Image: Chicago's Picasso at Daley Center Plaza

"Chicago's Picasso" is said to be the most consequential sculptural installation in Chicago. This post is about examining the widely accepted notion. Its significance can be evaluated by analyzing its impact on sculptures, sculptors and public policies.

 But first a bit about this sculpture.

Picasso's Chicago is one of the first modern monumental sculpture to be placed outdoors in the Loop.  It was unveiled in the Civic Center Plaza [now the Daley Center...

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